Mondo Mediaworks is a Brattleboro, Vermont marketing agency specializing in content development for the web. We work across all industries but the bulk of our work is concentrated in lodging (hotels, inns and resorts) and education. Our growing team of professionals excels in providing strategy and execution in all facets of digital marketing, from creating a pay-per-click advertising campaign from scratch, all the way to tracking a hotel’s phone-based revenue via cloud-based software.

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Hotel Marketing

Through the years, Mondo has developed a penchant for partnering with clients in the hospitality, travel and tourism industries. But take a close look at our case studies and you’ll see that Mondo is highly specialized in one particular area: hotels. From 15-room inns to large hotel groups with multiple 100-room-plus properties, Mondo excels at putting heads in beds for clients all over the United States.

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Digital Advertising

It goes by many names: SEM (search engine marketing), pay per click, Google Adwords, paid search, display ads… but at Mondo we sum it up with two words: digital advertising. Basically, if you’re paying for it with real ad dollars and it’s online, it’s digital advertising. And Mondo covers all facets of digital advertising.

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Website SEO

In order to thrive in the digital marketplace your website needs regular maintenance and a fine-tuned strategy. Sound like a lot? It can be, but not when you’ve got Mondo in charge of your SEO strategy and implementation. We take a multidisciplinary approach– integrating content and systems management into a well-oiled rankings machine.

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Email Marketing

If you consumed one ounce of digital media today, it probably came to you through your inbox. Email is the most personal form of digital communication and thus the most important for building customer relationships.

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Social Media Marketing

Sure, you could manage your social media yourself. But if you’ll allow us to be immodest for a moment, we can do it a whole lot better. Mondo’s ace team of social media managers and content creators spend all day, every day, creating content for and monitoring dozens and dozens of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest accounts. It’s what we do.

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The only way to know your marketing is working is to track it. And that’s the beauty of digital marketing: it’s 100%, completely, effectively trackable. ROI (return on investment) is serious business at Mondo Mediaworks, and we won’t enter into any campaign if we’re not absolutely sure that we can prove it’s working for you.

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Video Production

Lots of marketing agencies sub out their video production. Not at Mondo. Video production is part of Mondo’s DNA; we’ve been producing custom videos since we opened for business in 2010. Our in-house video team produces everything from mini-documentaries, to 15-second broadcast television commercials, to animated shorts.

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Website Development

What sets Mondo apart from other Vermont website design agencies? First, we’re not just a website design agency. We’re a marketing agency specializing in digital marketing and content development. What that means is that we treat websites as much, much more than a pretty-looking homepage.

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