Mondo Portfolio

Clients hire us for different reasons. To make an audience laugh. Or maybe shed a tear. The goal could be to send the viewer’s mind floating back to the good ol’ days. Or compel them to imagine what could be. To click. To rewind and replay. To share with friends while saying “you gotta see this.”

Whatever the motivation, at Mondo, most of our video work falls into one of four categories…


Stories, Features & Full-Lengths

Nothing engages an audience like a good story and this is some of our work that we are most proud of. Mondo’s video production team excels at producing 30-second to 5-minute videos that follow a compelling narrative.


Quirky, Fun & Funky

Ask us about our favorite video directors and we’ll inevitably give answers like Spike Jonze, Wes Anderson, and Errol Morris. We like them precisely because they’re weird. We love collaborating with our clients to create unexpected, slightly off videos that get a reaction.


Commercials, Pre-Rolls & Publicity

We’re most in our zone when working with marketing agencies and marketing professionals. So we’ve got a lot of commercial production in our portfolio. From 30-second broadcast television spots to 6-second digital pre-rolls, we’re ready to spread your message to the world.


Summaries, Roundups & Recaps

Much of our video production work revolves around a common request: take a complicated or lengthy subject and distill it down to a one or two-minute video.


Highlight Reel