Dunes on the Waterfront, a resort in Ogunquit, Maine, rents charming white cottages to families and small groups. In search of more loyal customers, the Dunes knew they could rely on Mondo’s data extraction and analysis expertise to make informed business forecasting decisions.


Receiving a reservation is an obvious win. But properly attributing the original source of that win can be a challenge. In the lodging industry it’s especially difficult to trace phone reservations back to their original source. Did this person come from an Adwords ad? Did they see our phone number in a print ad? In an email campaign? Mondo sought to end the ambiguity and track phone calls with 100% accuracy.


Implement Call Tracking

Mondo used a specialized cloud-based call tracking software to effectively track phone reservations, whether they came from advertisements, promotions, emails, print ads, organic searches or social media campaigns. Custom phone numbers coupled with dynamic insertion allowed us and the client to understand the behavior of each individual who called the property, including whether they called or visited the website previously, which source sent them to the site, and which pages of the site they visited.

Real Time Use

This abundance of information was utilized by front desk staff in real time as they sold rooms over the phone. For example, when the phone rang, they could see immediately if the call was coming from an promotional email that was sent out earlier in the day. Before they even pick up the phone, they are prepared to accommodate, and upsell, the person on the line. Phone calls could also be recorded, allowing managers to train junior sales people later on.


After just a month of incoming phones calls, we were able to properly identify which marketing efforts (online ads, emails, social media pushes, etc.) led to phone reservations. Whereas our clients were once guessing, or relying crudely on “How did you hear about us?” questions, they are now able to more confidently attribute phone-based revenue.

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