Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Let’s say you’re a hotel on Martha’s Vineyard. You go to Google and type in “Martha’s Vineyard hotel packages” to see how your property ranks. But, oh no, your competition is ranking higher than you.

This is where Mondo comes in. We start by performing a complete SEO audit of your website. Sometimes we’ll find hundreds, or even thousands of problems with your website, problems that Google can plainly see. You’re being penalized for these technical issues (alt tags, broken links, duplicate copy, etc.), but the good news is that they’re usually not difficult to fix.

Once we’ve fixed the technical problems, it’s time to add another layer of SEO value. The most important, and effective, task is to add new written content to your website that includes well-researched keywords relevant to your business or organization. From there, we go down a checklist of SEO strategy techniques, including adding/updating your business on online directories and experimenting with new keywords in site metadata.

Blogging for SEO

There are three reasons you should blogging:

  1. Organic Search Traffic. All it takes is some research. Figure out what people are searching for on the internet as it pertains to your business, then write blog content that supplies information. If you’re doing it right, your blogs posts will rank highly for relevant search terms.
  2. SEO Value. Google, Bing and Yahoo! are constantly tweaking their search algorithms. But there’s one thing that the big 3 search engines will always love: high quality content that is consistently uploaded to your website. If you’re regularly updating your blog with tried-and-true methodology, your site will rank highly.
  3. Traffic Retention. Once you’ve got a visitor on your website, you want them to hang out for a while and see what you’re all about. Strategically linked blog content keeps visitor active and prevents high bounce rates.

Our copywriters at Mondo operate as two-headed masters of their craft. One head is writing witty, engaging blog posts. You know, stuff you actually want to read. The other head is constantly thinking about SEO (search engine optimization). The result is high quality, extremely readable blog posts that attracts organic search traffic. And every post is structured to either lead readers deeper into the site, or convert them into customers.

For most clients, we write 2 to 4 original blog posts per month, although larger sites demanding more traffic could see even more. We start the process by researching search engine trends for topics that are relevant to our clients’ customers. Then we use software and online tools to determine the “sweet spot” keywords, keywords that have high search volume but not a ton of competition. Then we write the blog post. When it’s uploaded, we run down a checklist of items to ensure maximum SEO value, things like word count, image uploads, alt text data and hyperlinking.
All our blogs are completely and accurately tracked in Google Analytics to make sure they’re doing their job to bring in search engine traffic.

Make Yourself Known

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