Website Development

What sets Mondo apart from other Vermont website design agencies? First, we’re not just a website design agency. We’re a marketing agency specializing in digital marketing and content development. What that means is that we treat websites as much, much more than a pretty-looking homepage.

We consider your website the foundation of all your marketing efforts. It needs to be designed to look good AND provide a friendly user experience. With our extensive experience in digital marketing — pay-per-click advertising, search engine marketing, video marketing, email, social media, public relations — we understand websites that are built to complement your marketing.

Our Development Process

Your website development project will begin with a design phase, during which Mondo will submit a homepage mockup. You’ll then provide feedback and Mondo will make necessary changes. We will then dive further into the website design, providing designs for the internal pages. Typically we allow for 2 design revisions. The first is the largest and most labor-intensive, and allows for major structural and layout changes. Once these changes are made, Mondo will submit another design. Once again, you’ll review and submit requested changes. During this second revision we’ll most likely focus on finer changes, like colors and fonts, although layout and structural changes are still likely. The final design will then be submitted. Once all page designs have been approved, we will begin the development phase. This is where we actually build the site. There’s not a whole lot for you to do during this phase, as it simply takes time for us to code the site and test, test, test. Next comes the fun part: when you see a working version of your new site. With the content now in its proper place and the site structure finalized, we’ll spend about a week focusing on SEO (search engine optimization). We’ll take care of all the necessary backend tasks, like CDN caching, page load speed, and URL structuring. At the same time, we’ll carefully review the written content and tweak or rewrite it for optimal search engine visibility. We may add new written content where appropriate. When you’ve approved all pages, the site will go live. Congratulations! Your new site is ready for the world.

Scalable Foundations

All Mondo-built websites utilize the open-source WordPress platform. Why WordPress?

  • Flexibility and scalability of open-source platform
  • Powerful and user-friendly content management options
  • Availability of add-ons, plugins and third-party integrations
  • Performance benefits of WordPress-only hosting service, WP Engine
  • As one of the most popular website platforms in the world, WordPress is a platform that is constantly being improved and made even easier to use.

The primary driver of SEO success is fresh, structured content. That’s what WordPress was built to deliver. You get an easy to update and use backend which lets any user (not just code geeks) create new and fresh content that stays in the structure we develop, keeping Google happy long term, not just at site delivery.

Make Yourself Known

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