Social Media

Sure, you could manage your social media yourself. But if you’ll allow us to be immodest for a moment, we can do it a whole lot better. Mondo’s ace team of social media managers and content creators spend all day, every day, creating content for and monitoring dozens and dozens of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest accounts. It’s what we do.

We start by getting to know your brand, inside and out. Because we’ll be a public-facing voice on your social media channels, we want to make sure we represent you accurately, and in a tone that would make even your CEO stand up and shout, “By golly, they really get us.” (We assume your CEO says things like, “by golly!”) We then jump into action on your behalf, creating witty content that’s posted regularly. We also monitor the web for mentions of your brand, engaging fans where appropriate and gathering insight on the social media world’s perception of your business or organization.

You’re smart; you have plenty of other ways to utilize your time, so let our social media pros strategize, create content, manage and monitor your social media accounts.

Social Media Campaigns

Regularly updating your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest accounts with witty and informative content is the foundation of effective engagement. When it’s time to take it up a notch, it’s time for a good ol’ social media campaign.

When you’ve decided you’re ready to turn it up, our first step is to determine your goals. Gain more quality followers? Gather email addresses? Get people to come to your hot-dog-eating contest? Whatever it is, we’ll design your campaign around it. Next, we design the campaign using specialized software that maximizes our, and your, efficiency during the life of the campaign. Facebook is always changing the rules on what’s allowed and not allowed — thanks, Zuckerberg — so rest assured that your campaigns are always running within Facebook’s, and the law’s, parameters.

While your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram campaign or contest is running, Mondo’s social media managers are constantly monitoring it to ensure smooth operation. We’re also gathering all the data and information allowable. When it’s all over, we’ll have a comprehensive campaign report to show you measurable results.

Make Yourself Known

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