Traditional media formats — remember newspapers? — may be undergoing massive existential changes. But well-conceived, consistent PR remains as crucial today as the day the first issue of the New York Times was printed. (September 18, 1851, to be exact.) With that in mind, Mondo Mediaworks takes a modern, nontraditional approach to public relations.

Our Process

We firmly believe that the tried-and-true press release remains an important foundational component of any PR agency’s strategy. For the majority of clients who request public relations services, we concept and write press releases on a regular basis, anywhere from twice a year to twice a month. With our enterprise-level subscription to Vocus’ powerful media database, we have the ability to research and procure contact information for writers, editors and publications throughout the world. Say you have a big announcement about your new resort spa that is staffed entirely by robots that run on solar power. (That would be super weird, but it’d get good press.) We use our software to find every single writer and publication that has anything to do with spas, robots or resorts. We never send out mass-email blasts to them all at once. Instead, we determine which writers or publications would produce the best results, learn all about them, and slowly engage with them on social media or over email. Then, once a bit of a relationship has evolved, we’ll pitch them on your story.

Increased Opportunities

But the process doesn’t end there. We’ll also rewrite your press release with a new goal in mind: search engine optimization. That means adding important keywords that are likely to get good search engine exposure. Then we upload your new SEO-tweaked release to a number of online press release hosting sites. Our experience reveals that not only are these sites likely to get views when people Google your company or organization’s name, but the hyperlinks pointing back to your website are very pleasing to the Google Gods when it comes to ranking your own website.

And there’s one last thing: once you’re a Mondo client, we’re constantly listening for opportunities to answer call-outs from the media on your behalf. Our subscriptions to media aggregators are constantly feeding us requests from writers and publications — if we see one that fits your business, we jump right on it.

So to review, our public relations services always have 2 goals in mind:

  1. SEO. Press releases will be structured to draw organic search traffic to your website.
  2. Media impressions. Mondo will work to procure placement for your organization in blogs and on news sites.

Make Yourself Known

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