Email Marketing

If you consumed one ounce of digital media today, it probably came to you through your inbox. Email is the most personal form of digital communication and thus the most important for building customer relationships.

Using Mailchimp, we’ll custom-design your email template so that all of your future campaigns maintain a consistent style and layout. From there, we’ll incorporate email into your overall strategy, using 1-3 emails a month to promote your business, educate your subscribers, or achieve any number of desired ends.

Like all work that we do for you, every email campaign will be tracked and analyzed for clicks, opens, forwards, and replies. You’ll learn what content works, what customers are curious about, and how to better fit your communications model to meet their needs.

In addition to direct content creation and campaign planning, Mondo is also happy to custom design Mailchimp templates and then hand over the reigns to you.

Make Yourself Known

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