The only way to know your marketing is working is to track it. And that’s the beauty of digital marketing: it’s 100%, completely, effectively trackable. ROI (return on investment) is serious business at Mondo Mediaworks, and we won’t enter into any campaign if we’re not absolutely sure that we can prove it’s working for you.

How We Work

To start, all our clients get the platinum treatment when it comes to tracking user behavior on their websites. We ensure that Google Analytics is tracking with 100% accuracy, and we take great care to learn which actions are important on your website (i.e., booking a hotel room, or submitting a “Contact Us” form).

But we got much further than just website analytics. Our team of Analytics-certified professionals can track anything that’s important to your bottom line. We can even track the effectiveness of a print newspaper ad that directs viewers to call your business on the phone.

If we’re working on a project with you, our Analysts provide a report at the end that sums up how effective we were. And if we’re partnered with you to provide digital marketing on an ongoing basis, your account manager will meet with you monthly, report in hand, to talk about what worked this past month, what didn’t work, and what we’ll be doing the next month.

In short, data fuels all our actions at Mondo Mediaworks. Otherwise, we’re just guessing. And we know you don’t want to pay for guesses.

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