New England Inns & Resorts represents over 300 lodging properties in the region, each one seeking the maximum amount of positive publicity. Bookings tend to die down in the off-months, so NEIRA wanted a new way to drive reservations at an unpopular time.


How does one inspire a trip planner to get out during April in New England (a time full of muddy roads, and unpredictable weather)? Furthermore, how does one convince a potential traveler that a New England hotel stay is worth the price during one of the least attractive times of year?


Using Modern PR tactics, Mondo assited NEIRA in collecting a press release regarding 8 New England Cures for Spring Fever and succeeded in getting to run the article. Here’s how:

Conception & Development

We leveraged NEIRA’s insider voice to put a new angle on the season, and present bright ideas for specific activities. Many people don’t know that spring in New England is a great time to get away (off peak room rates help guests save money).

Content Curation

The ideas shared in this post had to be intriguing to all kinds of users: young, old, urban, and rural. Through a detailed request for information, we tapped into the collective New England expertise of NEIRA members, and developed a list of eight “cures” for the spring malaise most Googler’s were experiencing.

Distribution & Outreach

As part of our Modern PR method, Mondo cultivates long term relationships with select individuals at online media outlets. It was through one of these established relationships that we were able to convince to pick up our press release and turn it into content: a slide show article featured on their site and as the main spot in their March 28th Boston Traveler email newsletter.


Engaging in relevant conversations over Twitter and email with our media contacts (our continued outreach) led to a first-rate placement. The best way to spread the word outside of your own output is to get reputable and highly trafficked sources to pick up your story, and we succeeded with this example.









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