How We Do It

  • JOB GROWTH: Since forming in 2010, Mondo has been growing steadily and sustainably. Along the way we’ve been creating jobs with livable wages and good benefits. Once at Mondo, high-performing employees receive regular raises that are far greater than the standard cost-of-living increase.
  • LOCAL FIRST: A rising tide floats all boats. From coffee shops to banks, no small business can succeed without a dedicated community of customers and supporters. As Mondo grows, we’ll never forget that it’s our town, and state, that sustain us.
  • LEADERSHIP: Mondo employees are encouraged to join positions of leadership in the community. When volunteering, Mondo employees utilize company assets — computers, printers, vehicles, office space, etc. — in these community-building roles.

Why We Believe In It

  • THIS IS HOME: Mondo is Vermont-born and Vermont-based. The quality of life around here is unparalleled, and we never take it for granted.
  • YOUTH RETENTION: We believe that providing young people with professional opportunities and living wages ensures a resilient Vermont economy.
  • COLLABORATION OVER COMPETITION: We are lucky to be in an industry where collaboration will always win over competition. We are proud to work cooperatively with other marketing agencies and freelancers in our region.
  • SYNCHRONIZED UPLIFT: For every political struggle, change makers need a strong, organized network they can depend on and draw from. By boosting Southern Vermont’s people, we make their fights for a better world a little bit easier.
  • BUILDING A FOUNDATION: With a strong, self-sufficient economy, Vermont and greater New England can make things happen. Carbon taxes? Richer social programs? Technological innovation? Land conservation? The possibilities are endless.

Our Promise for the Future


Smart, ambitious individuals are poised to thrive in today’s Creative Economy, regardless of formal education or training. Mondo is committed to creating employment opportunities in southern Vermont by providing these people with the environment to contribute and succeed.


At Mondo Mediaworks, we have cultivated opportunities and environments that allow our employees, our clients, and southern Vermont at large to thrive. Our goal is to contribute to the public good through conducting internal happiness tracking, supporting the goals of our non-profit clients, and providing opportunities for employee volunteer efforts and charitable contributions.


Mondo Mediaworks is a low-impact business with minimal energy use. From supporting low-energy commutes with bike racks at the Cotton Mill to monitoring our energy and drinking water usage to composting our food waste, we closely track our environmental impact and actively search for methods of reducing our energy consumption.


We leverage our assets and marketing skills to amplify the unique voices of our clients and colleagues. We want the whole world to know: Vermont and New England are great places to live, work and play.

Turning Ideas Into Action

To B or not to B was never a question for us. We’re proud to be a Certified B Corporation®! We are dedicated to prioritizing the social and environmental performance of our business in addition to its financial performance. These practices come naturally to us, as the B Corp™ values closely align with our commitment to serve and strengthen the Brattleboro community and Vermont economy. We’re honored to join over 2,000 Certified B Corps throughout the world that share this mindset of using businesses as a force for good. As we commit to being transparent in this mission, here are a few successes to share with you.

B Corporation Logo


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