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The Grafton Inn offers quintessential country lodging in a historic village location. As part of the non-profit Windham Foundation, they are dedicated to preserving the vitality of Vermont’s rural communities while also operating a cost-efficient business.


Grafton wanted to fully understand the effectiveness of their marketing efforts; they wanted to know how much revenue was coming in online and over the phone, and what prompted those reservations.


Utilizing a system that integrates multiple data sources, developed over years in our work with lodging properties, Mondo was able to provide Grafton Inn with more data than they were getting from their property management system alone.

Analytics Tracking

By resolving channel attribution problems and installing robust tracking code, including cross-domain tracking, Mondo set the site to measure online and phone call performance metrics.

Accessible Data

After implementing call tracking, Mondo developed an advanced online revenue tracking dashboard. Grafton is now able to login at any time to review various statistics including a sales overview, channel analysis, and cost of sale analysis.

Ongoing Reporting

In addition to the dashboard, Mondo reports on revenue by channel (organic, paid advertising, referrals, email, social, etc.) on a monthly basis and gives recommendations on how to optimize ROI.


Within our advanced tracking systems, we identified several new metrics that the Grafton Inn now uses to improve their staffing and operational outcomes, allows them to identify their most effective marketing channels, and analyze costs per reservation.

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