Mondo Mediaworks is here for one purpose:

to make your business or organization competitive in the digital age.

Services we offer:

Video Production
It’s important to love what you do, don’t ya think? That’s why we produce high-definition, web-optimized videos that are entertaining, informative and designed to be shared far and wide. Our professional videographers can shoot on-location or in our downtown studio setting, and will work with you through all stages of production ensuring your video represents your mission from start to finish.
Social Media
In the digital age, what good would a marketing agency be if they didn’t keep up on the latest online trends? Knowing today’s top social networks — Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest & Instagram — inside and out isn’t just our passion, it’s our livelihood. We’ll help your organization to build engagement and maximize your internet street cred among fans, followers, tweeps and whatever tomorrow’s users may be.
Public Relations
A modern world requires a modern approach to traditional PR. When it comes to press releases and media outreach, it’s essential to craft and distribute your news with print media, blogs, and search engine optimization equally in mind.
Email Marketing
Email is a powerful marketing tool, but with great power comes great responsibility. While adhering to the highest ANTI-SPAM protocol, we match attractive, well-branded templates with fresh, engaging copy, transforming bland e-newsletters into inbox candy your subscribers will be dying to open.
We’ll provide campaign design and management to get you in front of your audience. Whether it’s through targeted online advertisements on Facebook or direct mail and radio spots for offline eyes and ears.

Bottom Line

The one-size-fits-all approach is great if you’re an elastic headband manufacturer. But Mondo realizes that every business is different. Before any work begins, we’ll figure out what makes your business unique and, more importantly, how to bring the masses to your doorstep. ¬†We’ll work with you to design a custom package that fits your goals and budget, providing excellent service and support along the way. We’re pretty fun to work with, too.