Mondo Goes Back to (After) School

Before joining the Mondo Team, I was fortunate enough to run a fantastic after-school program over in Guilford, Vermont. There’s something really rewarding about helping the next generation find themselves and pursue things that hold their interest in a safe and nurturing environment. So when Newbrook Elementary School was looking for someone to run their iPad movie making class, we here at Mondo saw a great opportunity to give back to the community and volunteered to run the program.

The class ran once a week for 5 weeks, but we were able to cram a lot into such a short period of time. After showing them a few basic film rules and techniques, the kids took out the school’s brand new iPads and went to work gathering footage for their video. The kids took part in pretty much every aspect of the process. They developed the concept for the video, came up with interview questions and then interviewed one another for sound bytes to be used in the final product. While interviews were going on, other students took the iPads into the halls and outside gathering up as much B-roll as possible. It took only a few minutes and some basic suggestions before the kids were shooting really high-quality stuff.

Our final class came all too quickly, but the kids w ere so dedicated we started an extra half hour early just to finish things up. We took the extra time to sort through our footage, decide what we wanted to use and what we didn’t (we had a lot to pick from), pick some of our favorite sound bytes, and then find some background music for our video. We even had a little bit of time for me to pull out my camera bag and show the kids what kind of equipment I use on a regular basis. They liked seeing the camera, but a few were wary to hold it once I told them how much it was worth.

The tightly knit community is a huge reason why Mondo Mediaworks is based out of southern VT, and it feels really good for us to be able to give back to it in some way. For me personally, working with kids has always been really rewarding and I’m happy to work for a company that values that kind of community development. And who knows… I might just be training the next wave of professional videographers who may someday join the ranks here at Mondo.