Mondo Gets Love from NPR

I was driving into work the other day minding my own business, listening to Morning Edition on NPR. A story came on about the young, modern traveler and how he/she views bed and breakfasts. And then, bam, a piece of audio from a video we produced for the “Death to Doilies” campaign for the Professional Association of Innkeepers Int’l came crackling over the airwaves.

“Death to Doilies” is a concept that Tim, our Strategist, helped conceive with the crew at PAII. The campaign’s basic premise is that the typical image of bed and breakfasts — stodgy, old-fashioned inns run by grandparents — is dying. In its place are modern inns that cater to the young, tech-savvy traveler.

To provide visuals for the campaign’s launch, we produced a video in the style of a horror-movie trailer. Then, as the campaign picked up momentum during the 2012 Presidential campaign season, we produced a series of tongue-in-cheek videos that mocked the ubiquitous television ads for political candidates. It was one of these mock TV ads that was noticed by NPR.

Thanks for the love, NPR.