“M_ND_” I’d like to buy an “O” please, Pat.

What do Vanna White and Mondo Mediaworks have in common? No, it’s not that we both look great in a cocktail dress, despite our age. It’s that we’re both featured on the December 4th, 2012 episode of Wheel of Fortune.

This past summer Tim and I had the good fortune to work with Ian MacPhee and his family, owners and innkeepers at Abbeymoore Manor, a gorgeous inn in Victoria, British Columbia. Armed with our film gear, about a dozen local actors/models and a loose script, we spent two days shooting at the inn and in town. In the end, we produced beautiful visuals for three separate promotional videos, all part of the Better Way to Stay campaign. We burned all the raw footage onto a DVD for Ian to use later as he wished.

It turns out that Ian is no slouch in the marketing game. We received an email a few days ago that Mondo’s footage would be featured on an episode of Wheel of Fortune. One of the contestant prizes is a trip to British Columbia and a stay at Abbeymoore. As the game show’s announcer describes the wonderful prize, Mondo’s footage will be flashing across the screen.

If you’d asked us a year ago, “Hey, you think you guys will ever have your work featured on Wheel of Fortune?”, we would have answered, “Umm, that’s a weird question. But probably not. How would we get that opportunity?”

Yet here we are, mentioning Mondo and Pat Sajak in the same blog post. And we didn’t even have to buy a vowel.