Team Mondo

Luke Q. Stafford, Founder and Chief

Luke is the founder and chief of Mondo Mediaworks. Since his first job as an intern at his hometown newspaper, Luke’s career has focused on creating great content. He started Mondo with one overarching goal for all of the company’s clients: engage the audience.

Luke lives in Williamsville, Vermont with his wife and two daughters. When he’s not steering Mondo, he’s snowboarding, DJing, tinkering with his vintage Triumph motorcycle or out exploring the Green Mountains.

Luke’s early career as a writer and editor reverberates through Mondo today. All of the marketing campaigns and content produced at Mondo cross Luke’s desk, where it is honed to have maximum efficacy for the intended audience. | @lukeqstafford | +LukeStafford

Peter Biolsi, Coordinator

As Mondo’s Coordinator, Pete oversees all of Mondo’s public relations and social media contracts and campaigns. In addition to crafting custom content from scratch, Pete plays a key role in developing strategy for marketing campaigns and executing them to get results.

Pete takes pride in mixing his career in technology and communications with the idyllic landscape of his home state. Outside the office, he’s hiking, biking or hunting for fresh powder on Vermont’s snowy peaks.

With a degree in communications and past experience at a Vermont ski resort managing high volume online interactions with guests, Pete is deft at keeping communications organized and effective. He hits deadlines and stays on budget, all while massaging a creative force behind the message. | @pbiolsi | +PeteBiolsi

Wyatt Andrews, Videographer

As Mondo’s videographer, Wyatt oversees its award-winning video productions. A self-confessed “camera nerd,” Wyatt stays religiously current on the latest camera gear and editing techniques, plus the latest viral video trends sweeping the web.

Wyatt was born and raised in southern Vermont and graduated from Castleton State College with a communications degree. When not on the job you can often find him outdoors making music and enjoying the natural beauty of New England.

Since high school, Wyatt has been producing videos that walk the fine line between artistic and impactful. As video becomes more and more important in today’s content-fueled internet landscape, Wyatt knows which video concepts will draw the biggest engagement. His skill lies in turning those concepts into reality. | @thethanx | +WyattAndrews

Meryl Robinson, Curator

Meryl is Mondo’s newest team member, joining after two years at Stratton Mountain as communications director. As Mondo’s curator, Meryl is the creative force behind all of Mondo’s clients’ social media content.

A native upstate New Yorker, Meryl is a fresh face now living in Brattleboro, Vermont. A fondness for good food, oddities and swimming holes takes her to hidden corners of Vermont and beyond.

Meryl can write press releases on a time crunch, craft Facebook posts that attract comments and likes, edit video, tweak a blog post for maximum search engine optimization and live-tweet an event with creative efficiency. As a young communicator who grew up in the digital and social media age, Meryl brings an edge to Mondo’s work that keeps content fresh and inviting. | @merylk8 | +MerylRobinson

Tim Brady, Strategist

As a successful and driven entrepreneur, Tim brings a strong business sense and strategic mindset to the Mondo planning table. His diverse experience runs the gamut from marketing to hospitality, tourism and most recently, alchemy — enhancing his reputation as a knowledgable source in every industry he enters.

Tim lives in Brattleboro, Vermont with his wife, business partner and fellow beer-lover Amy and their dog, Thor. When he’s not speaking at conferences or strategizing for Mondo clients, he’s concocting the next batch of beer in his downtown micro-brewery, Whetstone Station Restaurant and Brewery.

Tim is a master of the 30,000-foot view. His knack for looking at the big picture and prescribing cures for even the most fledging of marketing plans has brought countless clients from losing to leading. | @imtimbrady